Medal of the Great Gale in Table Bay – July 1878

“The Cape of Storms” now known as Table Bay lies at the foot of Table Mountain, Cape Town South Africa. Eleven ships was positioned in Table Bay. Five ships were wrecked, when changing direction of the wind.
15 Medals were awarded to volunteer crewmen, who risked thier lives to brave the gale to wrecked 5 vessels in the Bay.
Only 13 names below are known of which only 10 known medals have survived and in museum or collectors circulation.
1 Mr Dufton
2 Mr Piers, F C
3 Mr Woodhead, H
4 Mr Buyskes, G
5 Mr Gibson, B
6 Mr Stevens, George
7 Mr Krumm, Carl
8 Mr Von Tromp
9 Mr Samuelson
10 Sergeant MacPherson
11 Constable Taylor, Gordon
12 Constable Matheson
13 Constable Peterson

Thank you to Munroe Swirsky from attending the Webinar and sharing this great super rare South African collectors piece.

Plan of Table Bay shewing positions of vessels in the Bay during the gales of July 1878, with direction of wind, and swell (to accompany A. C. Jenour’s evidence.)