LVW – Lint voor Verwonding opgedaan gedurende de Anglo-Boeroorlog, 1899-1902

(Wound Riband for Wounds received during the Anglo-Boer War)

This distinctive riband shall be granted to those officers and members of the forces of the South African Republic and Orange Free State who, being burghers of those States, were wounded in action during the Anglo-Boer War, between 11th October, 1899, and 31st May, 1902, and are now, a citizens of the Union of South Africa, serving in the Union Defence Forces or liable so to serve if called out under the South Africa Defence Act, 1912.

LVW Cetificate Type A – Issued in 1922
LVW Cetificate Type B – Issued in 1924
LVW – Vorm C – Burger Barend Petrus Buitendag Potchefstroom Kommando – Approved in 1921
LVW – Vorm C – Burger Jan Hendrik Lagrange – Standerton Kommando – Approved in 1922
Here you can see how a VORM B was used but with the amendments of VORM C – Kommandant Hennie van Rensburg – In Richmond he was hiding behind a tree, bullet entry wound is under the Left eye and exit wound was Left ear. “Onder Linkeroog in en onder Linkeroor uit” He healed in the field while still on Kommando but had later years hearing problems.